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Pebble Pro Europe - European distributor of Pool Pebble products.

Our Pebble Colour Range

The pebble comes in a range of five base colours:
Sandy Beach, Antarctic White, Jade, Pacific Blue, Ebony

Finished Product

With our five naturally beautiful pebbles sourced from the shores of beaches in New Zealand,  we blend the pebbles to create a range of stunning water tones to create spectacular natural looking pool to complement any pool surrounding.

Pebble Pro  – This original finish provides a beautiful and natural appearance to your pool. By combining slightly larger naturally coloured stones and white cement to create a range of six attractive colours.  This finish offers you a beautiful depth of colour to your water that is not only non-slip and durable


Pebble Silk  – This exciting finish takes the best of the original Pro finish and by utilizing a smaller stone not only offers you all the best features of a pebble finish but a more evenly textured feel and while still retaining the naturally beautiful look and feel only possible with a pebble finish.


The natural pebbles are mixed cement and applied approximately 10mm thick. When this applied mixture is almost dry the pebbles are exposed by washing the top layer of cement off.  A correct pebble finish requires qualified applicators with experience.  To get a perfect finish the applicator must trowel the pebble and cement mixture to a practiced specialised technique and wash at the correct time to expose the pebble to its best.  NO GRINDING SHOULD EVER BE REQUIRED if the product has been correctly applied.

Pebble Pro 2-4mm / Pebble Silk 1-2mm Range

Sandy Beach Pebble

Pacific Blue Pebble

Ebony Pebble

Jade Pebble

Antarctic White Pebble

Matrix Range

Golden Beach



Tropical Jade

Crystal Effects

Blend of pebble and glass beads