• European suppliers of Natural Pebble pool Interiors
Speciality Swimming Pool Finishes European suppliers of Natural Pebble pool Interiors Create a natural pebble interior that blends to the contours of your pool, for a seamless and natural finish, uniquely inspired by the natural colours of gleaming riverbeds and beaches. Swim in the spectacular beauty of a natural looking lagoon and combine the complete freedom of design offered by the pebble finishes, including infinity edges, waterfalls, beach entries and swim out shelves that can transform a pool area into an outdoor oasis. This pool technique has been tried and tested in Australia since the 1980s and has since become the main stay of all pools in Australia, in fact over 90% of all pools are now finished with a pebble interior. Pebble finished pools are also widespread in America and are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe due to their natural and contemporary aspect.
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Pebble Pro is the European distributor of Wet Edge Pool Technologies, one of the largest pebble companies in America. Through us, you can draw upon 50 years experience in supplying aggregates to the pool industry. Using aggregates obtained from around the world allows us to select the most beautiful and vibrant stone available. All the products are subject to rigorous quality control and laboratory testing. With our strong background in the construction of concrete swimming pool our Pebble Pro team has the necessary knowledge to fully support our pebble products. Our team of Master Applicators are all fully certified and qualified, with experience at applying pebble products world wide.
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 Clive, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal, July 2013

Hi David and Amanda, Thanks for a brilliant job. It looks a beautiful blue in the daytime and then turns to a deep jade/blue as the sun goes down. Kids like it as well! Kind regards

Clive, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal, July 2013
Ruth, France, July 2015

Dear Amanda and Dave Once again thanks for the pool finish, it looks fab. Hope all is well and once again thanks for being so painless and professional.

Ruth, France, July 2015

Hi Amanda & Dave Really fantastic job - John is over the moon - 28 degrees yesterday afternoon. It made the holiday. Thanks again Kind regards

Wendy, May 2014

Dear Amanda, We are thrilled with the pool and the cover! Everything looks great. You have done a fantastic job that more than meets our expectations!

Patrick, Sta. Barbara de Nexe